Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine. Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine. Re: Topic 5 DQ 1 CAM is a group

Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine.

Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine.

Re: Topic 5 DQ 1
CAM is a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine. Complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine, and alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine. Integrative medicine combines conventional and CAM treatments for which there is evidence of safety and effectiveness. While scientific evidence exists regarding some CAM therapies, for most there are key questions that are yet to be answered through well-designed scientific studies—questions such as whether these therapies are safe and whether they work for the purposes for which they are used. In the United States, approximately 38 percent of adults (about 4 in 10) and approximately 12 percent of children (about 1 in 9) are using some form of CAM. People of all backgrounds use CAM. However, CAM use among adults is greater among women and those with higher levels of education and higher incomes. Nonvitamin, nonmineral natural products are the most commonly used CAM therapy among adults. Use has increased for several therapies, including deep breathing exercises, meditation, massage therapy, and yoga.


National Institute of Health. (2017, September 24). The use of complementary and alternative medicine in the United States. Retrieved from

Amber Middlesworth
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Re: Topic 5 DQ 2
The percentages of people who use CAM very among religions. Prayer is very important to most religions. According to the NIH (2012) Prayer for own health is used in 43% of people. Only 24% pray for others (NIH, 2012). An example used by NIH (2012) is found that African Americans are more likely than Asians or white adults when prayer therapies were included in the definition of CAM. The percent of adults who do not use prayer CAM are the remaining 57% (NIH, 2012). I believe that prayer can give a person hope and can also help their health improve. There are many types of CAM therapy and an exact number may never be know. An important question to ask patients is why they chose to practice CAM. Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine.

Key findings in prating CAM treatments are:

55 percent of adults said they were most likely to use CAM because they believed that it would help them when combined with conventional medical treatments;
50 percent thought CAM would be interesting to try;
26 percent used CAM because a conventional medical professional suggested they try it; and
13 percent used CAM because they felt that conventional medicine was too expensive.(NIH, 2012)
People from all over have different uses for CAM. Patient assessment and personal information are the best way to assess for the use of CAM. Prayer is very important in many CAM treatments and therapies. It is important for the health care professional to assess the patient for any kind of CAM treatment.


National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (2017) More Than One-Third of U.S. Adults Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine, According to New Government Survey. Retrieved from

Irina Mykhaylichenko
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Re: Topic 5 DQ 2
Falvo (2011) writes that for some individuals in various cultures the prayer is a part of the complementary or alternative treatment. Robles et al (2017) declare that “The emerging dialog on whether to incorporate “prayer” into the definition of CAM is timely and an appropriate question to answer.” This means that the prayer is possible being involved in the particular nontraditional treatment. Robles et al (2017) writes that approximately 40% of adults in the United States use some form of CAM, 22% of them exploit together with nontraditional treatment mega- vitamin therapy and prayer and 12% only a prayer or mega- vitamin therapy. Scholars and alternative medicine researchers have “classified prayer as a mind–body intervention” (Robles et al, 2017). It means that a prayer is a modal quality (the harmony) of CAM and alternative medicine which has been included in CAM applies, particularly in specific racial and ethnic groups.

Robles et al (2017) write that in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine the in 2007 it was published a study that used data from the various researches that were established from the year of 2002 and over. The researches outlined the patterns of using together with complementary and alternative medicine. The analyses of studies had shown that the prayer was the most widespread part of the CAM therapy, which was used by over 60% of survey participants. It was doubled in comparison with the previous century respondents. In many studies was demonstrated that the CAM, prayer has been connected with spiritual healing such as yoga, t’ai chi, hypnosis and other relaxation techniques. Such forms of mind–body strategies had involved the interaction of mind, brain, behavior, health and disease by the way of how they influenced on the human consciousness. The scholars still seek the understanding whether the prayer that is involved with the nontraditional therapy can be utilized in the clinical practice to help people for their quicker recovery. Some cases showed that such technique works positively. It was revealed some cases where the priests came to the hospitals to pray for terminally ill patients, and then the patients’ health condition had been improved. Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine.


Falvo, D., R.( 2011). Patient Teaching and Complementary and Alternative


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