Colombia Drug Cartels Discussion 3 Colombia Drug Cartels Discussion 3 Describe the partnership between Colombia and the Mexican Drug Cartels. —– 450 words – 3 s

Colombia Drug Cartels Discussion 3

Colombia Drug Cartels Discussion 3

Describe the partnership between Colombia and the Mexican Drug Cartels.


450 words – 3 sources


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The Colombia drug cartels set the bar for all of the cartels to follow. This Week, Steve Murphy got to tell his story of being a DEA Special Agent in Colombia during the days of Pablo Escobar. DEA Special Agent Murphy arrived to a Colombia where Escobar had just surrendered and Murphy expected there to be a party, but quickly realized that Pablo’s “surrender” was due to a brokered deal with the Colombian government that put him in a “prison” he had built himself. Pablo would be making the rules here just as he always had up until his surrender. Nothing changed. . Pablo had already declared war on Colombia once, and the government wanted to see the end to the murders. So, the government agreed to the deal to get Pablo behind bars… until Pablo murdered inside the prison. Colombia wanted to move Pablo to a real prison after these murders. Instead, he “escaped” and declared war on Colombia, once again. DEA Special Agent Murphy differentiates Pablo from cartel leaders in Mexico because Pablo was always against extradition. Pablo was famous for his bribes or bullets mentality as well as his preference for a grave in Colombia over a jail cell in the US. Pablo eventually gets his wish with a bullet on a roof. Colombia Drug Cartels Discussion 3

Riley begins chapter 9 with describing the years that Chapo is on the run (Riley, Audiobook). His story is so similar to the story of Pablo Escobar when he was on the run. In both cases, the drug cartel leaders were always a step, if not a few steps, ahead (Riley, Module 5 lecture). Riley encourages the different law enforcement organizations to work together and share information in their work fight against the cartels. DEA Special Agent Murphy stressed the importance of information sharing, especially in regards to his relationship to the CIA in Colombia.

While the original relationship between Colombian Drug Cartels and Mexico was that of leader and mule, eventually that relationship changes and it turns into a Super Cartel. Containers full of cash were coming into ports, it even took 30 days for ICE and Colombian National Police to count one container full. The Super Cartel was run like a fortune 500 company, except no one knew who was in charge. ICE agents and Colombian police worked to take them down. We know now that the Super Cartel was run by three drug kingpins through a powerful alliance between Colombia and Mexico. The cartel was worth billions. Those kingpins leading the cartel were difficult to survey, off the radar, and ghostlike. They even had submarines. (Taking down Colombia’s supercartel”)

“Taking down Colombia\’s super cartel.” Module Four Lecture, HMLS-7100-10 – Narcoterrorism CRN: 51439

Riley, Jack, “The Drug Warrior”, Hatchette Books, New York, 2019

Tulane University, Module Five Lecture, HMLS-7100-10 – Narcoterrorism CRN: 51439

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Reply to the following posts about the same topic: 250 words each, 1 source each Colombia Drug Cartels Discussion 3

Correspondingly, as we look at the continuing efforts to counter the drug cartels, there is a prominence to mimic the counter trafficking in Mexico centered on some of the successes in Colombia, and while there are advantages, the direct comparisons might prove deceiving.

Colombia is a diverse country, the cartels did not develop identically, and some of the political associations are vastly different. The illustration below details some of the dissimilarities.

“Take, for example, the central premise of the Mexican strategy that if the DTOs are broken up into smaller entities, security in Mexico will improve. The effect of Colombia’s anti-crime policies in the early 1990s was indeed the emergence of many small groups instead of the two large Medellín and Cali cartels that until then had dominated Colombia’s and the Western Hemisphere’s drug trafficking. None of the smaller groups has managed to accumulate the same level of coercive power and corruption capacity that the Medellín and Cali cartels had. But Colombia’s context was different from Mexico’s, and the break-them-up policy came with different, but in each case highly negative side effects.” (Vanda Felbab-Brown, Friday, February 24, 2012, “Lessons from Colombia for Mexico? Caveat Emptor”, Brookings, (Links to an external site.))

As many experts and some journalists have pointed out, we may adopt beneficial models, but understand the differentiation in the countries as well as the geopolitical distinctions and the geography and history. An example is the use of military assistance.

“Most consequentially, the Colombia-equals-Mexico mindset helped guide the initial installment of the Merida Initiative, which President Bush [agreed to] with President Calderon in 2007. As in Plan Colombia, the Merida Initiative relied heavily on the transfer of military hardware, such as Blackhawk helicopters. Such material is helpful in assaulting far-flung jungle hideouts but of limited value in rooting out corruption in a municipal police force, which is a far more pressing issue for Mexican policymakers.” (Patrick Corcoran, InSight Crime, June 10, 2014, “When it comes to drug trafficking, don\’t compare Mexico to Colombia: Report”, Christian Science Monitor, (Links to an external site.))

Current indication, publications, and many news stories are declaring small triumphs, and selected large accomplishments in Colombia, but as our Guest Lecturer, Steve Murphy communicated to all of us, he is not quite ready to declare victory in Colombia, despite the love, exertion, and dedication he has expended there.

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