Deviance and medical social control Discussion Deviance and medical social control Discussion Doctors and the medical system hold a specific status that plays a

Deviance and medical social control Discussion

Deviance and medical social control Discussion

Doctors and the medical system hold a specific status that plays a role in social control. Hughes describes this master status as “highly dominant, overpowering others and coloring the way people are viewed.” (Adler 255). Doctors are given traits like altruism, due to their title, and are more likely to be considered trustworthy members of society. Because of this status and mindset that had been appointed to the medical field, much of those deviant members of the medical system go unquestioned. In fact, not only do these practitioners have a “leg-up” in society because of their occupation, they “receive some degree of protection in the event that they are identified and become the subject of potential punishment.” (Adler 244). Medical crime is provided more of an opportunity to occur due to the self-regulation as well. Those being questioned for a possible medical crime often find themselves protected be the “first line of defense” which is comprised of a state medical board that often times will protect their member from punishment. These control factors all play aid in allowing medical crime to continue. “…they derive from opportunities provided through trust given only to occupational elites…” (Adler 246).

Evaluate the social benefits and consequences of state/government surveillance on different individuals and groups in society.

Vice’s video, On Patrol with South Korea’s Suicide Rescue Team states that in 2015, 323 people tried to kill themselves by jumping into Seoul’s Han River. Suicide had historically and consistently been seen as a deviant act throughout most societies. Korea’s competitive society had created a community that resulted in many of their people feeling like a failure. “Control theories assume that delinquent acts result when an individual’s bond to society is weak or broken.” (Adler 89). In an attempt to prevent these suicides, South Korea has set up signs and photography on Mapo Bridge, as well at telephones, hotlines, and CCTV. Divers and rescuers tell of saving these suicidal people’s lives. Some didn’t want to die, but they mention there are those awkward interactions with those who didn’t want to be saved. Societal control provides benefits to those who wish to be saved. Social control provides benefits for people who have been second-handedly effected by others’ deviant behavior. Babies and children for example, who were born addicted to opioids, or were put into Child Protective Services due to the lack of care their opioid addicted parents provide. In the video, America’s Opioid Crisis, President Donald Trump states, “failure in not an option, addition is not our future.” However, some attempts being made by West Virginia seem to fall short of making failure of addition non-existent. Mayor of West Virginia Danny Jones believes that jailing addicts and forced recovery works. The failure rate of those addicts who are imprisoned is high, and the attempts of the state flop. “Many people undoubtedly owe a life of virtue to a lack of opportunity to do otherwise.” (Adler 92). Forcing recovery and arrests seem to statistically show more harm than good, and can perhaps remove that virtue of life they have left.

Adler, P. A., & Adler, P. (2016). Constructions of deviance: social power, context, and interaction. Cengage Learning.

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Explain the relationship between deviance and medical social control in Chapter 22.

In the medical field, there have been issues with doctors not following the ethical standards: “The consequences are not limited to financial fraud and abuse: Unnecessary medical procedures, negligent care, prescription violations, and the sexual abuse of patients exact an enormous physical toll as well” (Adler & Adler, 2016, p. 244) Physicians are required to give their patients the best care, but with the competitive nature of the United States healthcare system, the patient is overlooked: “Physicians must now divide their loyalties between the patient and the organization, and the patient is fast assuming a secondary role” (Adler & Adler, 2016, p. 251). Doctors are putting their careers first over their patients causing a lack of quality care for the patients.

Evaluate the social benefits and consequences of state/government surveillance on different individuals and groups in society.

In On Patrol with South Korea’s Suicide Rescue Team there is surveillance around the bridge by the Han River. The benefit to this is that the Rescue Team can save many lives this way by getting to the individual before they jump or right after they jumped. A consequence to government surveillance would be the lack of privacy. This could cause issues of paranoia in some individuals since they are being watched all the time.

Deviance and medical social control Discussion

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