Discussion: Countries’ health system needs. Discussion: Countries’ health system needs. According to Skolni 2020, discuss some of the ideal properties that diag

Discussion: Countries’ health system needs.

Discussion: Countries’ health system needs.

According to Skolni 2020, discuss some of the ideal properties that diagnostics, vaccines, and drugs should have to be most appropriate to low and middle-income countries’ health system needs. Diagnostics ought to be specific in their handling of different healthcare issues. In so doing, they will provide certain solutions impacting the concerned populations. The specificity will also curb instances of wrong diagnosis and management of different diseases. The diagnostics also ought to be very sensitive so that it can be able to determine conditions even in their earlier stages. Other key characteristics of diagnostics include the aspect of being easy to use (Skolnik, 2020). This element ought to enable such methods to be used by even untrained healthcare workers such as the community health volunteers. This would see their usage being high based on the potential of being implemented even in undeveloped settings. These characteristics ought to go along with providing results that are easy to interpret for quick decision making and problem solution. The diagnostics should also be noninvasive so that they can remain appealing to the general public. The noninvasive diagnostics will also prevent the dangers and impacts of the invasion on the skin. In addition to the above characteristics, the diagnostics should be easy to transport to be availed in different parts of the world. Such aspects will see their usage being affected in different parts of the world to manage various conditions. The diagnostic apparatus ought to be both inexpensive to improve accessibility and not to require refrigeration.Discussion: Countries’ health system needs.

As in diagnostics, the drugs used in managing different conditions ought to be inexpensive so that different populations can access them. The drugs ought to have a longer shelf life to ensure that they can stay for a longer period in battled the concerned condition without getting expired or losing potency within a short period. The ideal drugs ought to be both safe and effective. This element will ensure they don’t cause any injury during usage and, at the same time, provide remedies to the determined healthcare problems (Skolnik, 2020). The drugs also ought to have the ability to be used for a longer period without turning to be susceptible to resistance. For easy usage, the number of pills being used should also be limited, leading to poor adherence and compliance by the patients. For the vaccines, there is a need for them to be safe to remain appealing to the public. This aspect will ensure they don’t cause any harm that may provide a negative attitude against the vaccines and curb the attaining of herd immunity from vaccination. Besides, they need to be affordable to different governments so that the general population can easily access them. They also need to be heat stable and require no refrigeration. This will see their storage being inexpensive while also being potent even in harsh weather conditions. They ought to contain many antigens, as in the case of the Penta-valent vaccine, which allows one administration to protect the recipient of several diseases. In ideal instances, the vaccine ought to be used to treat the disease rather than only curbing its existence. Why has only 10 percent of all research expenditure worldwide focused on the diseases that most affect the poor in low and middle-income countries? What is the 10/90 research gap? The allocation of only about 10 percent of the research expenditure being directed to the low and middle-income countries can be related to the fact that the research activities are directed towards profit, and there is a belief that sufficient returns cannot be achieved by venturing much on the low and middle-income countries (Skolnik, 2020). Investors in diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines view the market for their goods in low and middle-income countries to be relatively smaller than the established nations. Besides, doubts have also existed on the government’s potential in low and middle-income countries in purchasing the products of research, thus leading to the low allocation of funds to activities in such nations. The 10/90 research gap refers to the Global Forum for Health Research reference on the fact that about 90% of the expenditure on research and development on health are directed towards diseases of the high-income countries. In contrast, only about 10% is reserved for diseases impacting the low and middle-income countries. If you were in charge of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, how would you spend money on researching and developing new products for global health? Why I would ensure that more resources are directed towards research activities made on diseases impacting low and middle-income countries. This decision is based on the fact that such a move would see equity being attained in approaching a range of global healthcare issues (Skolnik, 2020). The move will also bridge the gap that has been in existence in the cases where consideration has only been placed on high-income countries. Discussion: Countries’ health system needs.

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