Discussion: Formation of the black experience Discussion: Formation of the black experience I personally believe that the formation of the black experience is i

Discussion: Formation of the black experience

Discussion: Formation of the black experience

I personally believe that the formation of the black experience is informed by sexual and gender discrimination along with reproductive choice suppression because it contains elements that are found in both forms of discrimination stated above. The article referencing the death of Michael Brown mentioned that his death is a reproductive justice issue, the reasoning being that his death is in a way an awakening to the reality of the infringement of the right for parents to raise their children that they produced in the way they would like due to the unsafe outside conditions they must deal with at the hands of police. While this reasoning might seem a bit abstract the core issue of reproductive suppression is the ability for people to choose whether or not they become parents, all this does it take that line of thinking a step further and also include the right for those who’ve chosen to become parents to also be able to raise the children they’ve produced in a proper environment for their growth; these are issues black parents have faced from the very beginning since they’re ancestors were forcefully brought here. Sexual and gender discrimination are at their core are making someone a sort of second-class citizen because of their sex or gender, which women are usually the victims of. This issue is a lot easier to connect to the black experience because racial discrimination is virtually the same except sex & gender is replaced with race. Intersectionality brings to light the issues that those who are members of multiple discriminated groups face, which is another reason the black experience is informed by the discrimination involving the other two traits. Women are color, especially those in the LGBT community are one of if not the biggest targets of discrimination, so to not tie their struggles with sex & gender along with the black struggle is to ignore the importance behind their experiences and how it has shaped the black experience today.


Efosa Omorogieva

The AFrican American people have experienced a lot throughout the years and the black experience is informed by sexual and gender discrimination, and/ or reproductive choice suppression because no one knows what transgenders go through because they are being treated differently than others just for the simple fact that they are different than others. Everyone should be treated equally no matter what gender you. They are getting killed and they are saying that they killed themselves (suicide). Black people are being treated differently and thats sad. The balck experience is also important for the younger children to know so they are careful but then again parents shouldn’t have to have “the talk” with their children about the police if they get pulled over because one little bad movement the police sees and your life is gone, thats wrong. Thats what happened to Michael Brown. The fact they have to tell their children to be careful just cause of their skin color is wrong.


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