Discussion: Global NCD Action Plan Discussion: Global NCD Action Plan Respond to Ivette post :In Chapter 14, according to Skolnik, 2020, on page 430, there are

Discussion: Global NCD Action Plan

Discussion: Global NCD Action Plan

Respond to Ivette post :In Chapter 14, according to Skolnik, 2020, on page 430, there are several framework elements ( 4 of these elements) in the Global Noncommunicable Disease (NCD) Action Plan Voluntary Global Targets. Discuss the four elements and the selected policy measures in the global NCD Action Plan Non-communicable diseases are of great importance in the medical field in that they constitute the greatest burden on diseases as compared to communicable conditions. Despite the increased prevalence of these conditions in high-income countries, it is anticipated that low-income countries will also encounter a surge in the numbers of individuals with the non-communicable conditions in relation to economic growth and continued interaction with other parts of the world. The action plan in place would include diet modification t ensure individuals take a healthy and balanced diet. The policies to be put in place include the fortification of different foods to ensure they are nutritious to the body. Increased taxation on foods containing saturated fats to reduce their usage. This is key in managing heart-related conditions such as hypertension and stroke. There is also the aspect of having appropriate health behaviors. It includes desisting from drug usage and abuse. In so doing, efforts are placed towards reducing the usage of alcohol and cigarette smoking. Policies such as heavy taxation have been placed on cigarette and alcoholic drinks to control their usage. Chances of getting lung cancer can be reduced by investing in smoking cessation therapy. This leads to a reduction in the overall expenditure in managing the burden as compared to treating the diseases themselves. There is also the aspect of lack of physical activity that predisposes individuals to conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes amongst others. Policies directed towards having public spaces to encourage sporting activities likely to manage conditions linked to inactivity. Other social elements have also been linked to the burden of non-communicable diseases in the general population. They encompass poverty, stress, and living in isolation. These have led to diseases such as depression and cardiovascular conditions. On page 456, Chapter 15, According to Skolnik 2020, what injuries cause the most deaths in low-income families and the most cost-effective steps that low-income and middle-income countries can take to reduce the burden of road traffic accidents on health? Skolnik 2020 asserts that the greatest causes of most death are related to road traffic accidents. This claim is based on the fact that there exist fewer sidewalks and paths for use by pedestrians. In the long haul, it leads to a number of people sharing the unmarked and conjes8ted roads thus predisposing them road traffic injuries. The burden that the road traffic injuries have on health can however be reduced significantly by putting into place a range of interventions to curb the likelihood of these occurrences. These entail the establishment of sidewalks and spaces for bike riding. These will allow the diverse usage of the road and curb the traffic congestion and consequently the accidents leading to injuries.


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