Discussion: Information pertinent to the patient care Discussion: Information pertinent to the patient care Assessment is defined as a collection of all data an

Discussion: Information pertinent to the patient care

Discussion: Information pertinent to the patient care

Assessment is defined as a collection of all data and information pertinent to the patient care, their needs and problems. initial step of the assessment consists of obtaining a complete history follow by the physical examination established through inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation (Nursing assessment, 2009).After reading and reviewing Jarvis Chapter 28 and Chapter 29, discuss the differences in completing assessments between adults, infants, young children, and adolescents.a) Discuss how the assessments vary in sequence, documentation, and critical thinking


According to Jarvis 2020, while examining an adult and adolescents, the assessment should initiate with the patient in an upright position and wearing regular clothes or gown. An infant’s assessment is done with a patient in a supine position on an examination table and wearing only the diaper. The preschooler and young schoolchild can wear just the short and underpants since they are willing to undress. The assessments in adults and adolescents follow the same sequence. Unlikely in infants, the ears are the last to be checked. While checking vital signs, infants will be the only ones whose blood pressure is not assessed. When assessing adults for pain, the pain scale is generally used, and the patient is asked to rate the pain from 0 – 10. On the other hand, when assessing children, the nurse will benefit from the FACES scale by looking at the behavioral indicators of pain like grimacing or increase heart rate. For young children, the nurse should consider preparing for the examination, and strategies may be used to help during the assessment.Discussion: Information pertinent to the patient care


In every patient, the data collected should be recorded as soon as possible, and if an electronic medical record is used, it’s essential to do not ignore the person ask complete physical and history on the computer. Using always precise and short phrases while documenting and, if necessary, draw a clear picture is recommended, according to Jarvis, 2020.

In the last two chapters of Jarvis’s book are the pregnant women and functional assessment of the older adult. How will you summarize the difference between these two important assessments?

A) Summarize the difference according to the standards in the Jarvis book.

According to Jarvis 2020, the assessment of the pregnant women is more specific to promote and enhance that physical and emotional well-being of the pregnant women and her baby during her pregnancy. After collecting the medical history and determining the estimated delivery date it’s important to start the physical examination with a general survey. In pregnant women it’s very important to inspect the skin to note any pigmented changes.

Check the oral mucous membranes. Palpate the thyroid gland. Inspect the breast for any changes. Auscultate lungs and heart. Check lower extremities specially to note edema. While checking the abdomen measure the fundal height by performing the Leopold’s maneuvers. When doing the pelvic examination note the signs of pregnancy the size and position of the uterus and the condition of the service. Wait until the end to check the blood pressure to try to obtain an accurate reading after patient feel comfortable while being examine.

Unlike when assessing the functional assessment of the older adult it is important to know the consequences of genetic makeup, lifestyle and chronic disease, besides the normal changes for the age. A comprehensive geriatric assessment is multi-dimensional, it includes the physical examination an assessment of mental status, functional status, social and economic status, pain and examination of the physical environment for safety concerns (Jarvis, 2020)


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