Explain Rectangular and Polar Form of complex numbers. Polar and Rectangular Notations and Conversions. (Electrical Engineeri


will be discussing websites that help explain Rectangular and Polar Form of complex numbers.

Polar and Rectangular Notations and Conversions. (Electrical Engineering, n.d.). www.electricalengineering.xyzLinks to an external site.The  Ultimate Guide to Polar and Rectangular Notations and Conversions  Everyone doing Electrical Should know (electricalengineering.xyz)Links to an external site.
I  liked this website because it was easy to understand, and it has  examples of both form of complex numbers. It describes rectangular form  as a complex number denoted by its respective horizontal and vertical  component. The horizontal component is your real number, and the  vertical component is your imaginary number. Polar form is a complex  number denoted by the length (magnitude, absolute value) and the angle. 

Complex Number Forms. (Academy, 2022) www.khanacademy.orgLinks to an external site.. Complex number forms review (article) | Khan AcademyLinks to an external site.  -This website describes rectangular and polar forms. It provides  formulas and it shows how to convert rectangular form to polar form and  vice versa. This site also includes visuals and examples.  Another we  will discuss will be exponential form which uses the same system as  polar form.

Another tool to assist with understanding complex numbers:

Polar & rectangular forms of complex numbers (video) | Khan AcademyLinks to an external site.


Academy, K. (2022). Khan Academy. Retrieved from Complex  Number Forms:  https://www.khanacademy.org/math/precalculus/x9e81a4f98389efdf:complex/x9e81a4f98389efdf:complex-polar/a/complex-number-forms-review

BYJU'S. (2022). byjus.com. Retrieved from Math/Complex numbers: https://byjus.com/maths/complex-numbers/

Electrical Engineering. (n.d.). Retrieved from Polar and  Retangular Notations and Conversions:  https://www.electricalengineering.xyz/article/polar-and-rectangular-notations-and-conversions/

Flylib.com. (2020). Retrieved from The Notation of complex numbers: https://flylib.com/books/en/2.729.1/the_notation_of_complex_numbers.htmlLinks to an external site.

a +bi = 3+4i Example plotted below

Complex Number Rectangular.png

How would you plot -2+2i

Rectangular Plot.png

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