NR228 Nutrition Essay 2 NR228 Nutrition Essay 2 To evaluate, compare, and analyze menus from different agencies and suggest revisions for healthier food choices

NR228 Nutrition Essay 2

NR228 Nutrition Essay 2

To evaluate, compare, and analyze menus from different agencies and suggest revisions for healthier food choices based on the cultural and age group. Students in a cultural concentration will use that specific cultural focus to complete this assignment. Those students in a cultural concentration (such as the Hispanic, American-African, Asian, Caucasian concentration) should be grouped together for this assignment. However, should the groups be mixed (with students in the cultural concentration and students not in the cultural concentration), the RUA must explore the cultural concentration (e.g., Hispanic).


COURSE OUTCOMES: This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes: CO1. Assess whether nutritional intake provides basic nutrients for optimal health and wellness.

(POs 1 & 2)

CO2. Describe nutritional needs for optimal health and wellness throughout the lifespan. (POs 1 & 2)

CO3. Discuss the psychological, sociological, economical, and cultural implications of food on nutritional status. (POs 1 & 2)

CO4. Describe evidence based practice interventions and modifications in nutrition therapy that can positively influence the outcome of disease and illness. (POs 1 & 8)



· Your team will be assigned the specific type of facility menu to research. As a team, you will select two facilities which care for you population’s demographic (age, culture, medical condition). For teams with one or more members enrolled in a cultural concentration option, the entire team should select facilities which care for that populations demographic.

· Search for some differences between the facilities, such as urban versus rural, small versus large, or teaching versus non‐teaching organizations.

· Facilities and populations may include

· Nursing home





· The presentation is to be created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010, or higher. Length is 10‐18 slides, not including the title and reference pages.

· The paper work should follow the same requirements as the PowePoint 2007 as listed below.


1. Title Page (2 points/2%)

a. The title page/slide lists

i. Type of facility

ii. Cultural focus

iii. Student Name

2. Introduction (3 points/3%)

a. Presentation introduction includes the

i. Purpose of the presentation

ii. Cultural concentration

iii. Age group

3. Current Menu Analysis (5 points/5%)

a. Analyze the menus that the team has selected based on the following criteria. Provide rationales for your analysis.

i. Identify

1. Healthy/unhealthy menu selections

2. Appropriate for nutritional requirements of age group

3. Influence of cultural and regional food practices

ii. Consider

1. Does the menu selected provide adequate amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals?

2. Over the course of a full day and week, are individuals provided with a balanced diet?

3. Does this diet allow for differences in dietary patterns related to the culture or age group selected?

4. Create Sample Menu (20 points/20%)

a. Create a single day’s replacement menu providing healthier choices for each menu analyzed, including the following.

i. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options

ii. Age considerations

iii. Potential health concerns

iv. Cultural influences

v. Regional patterns

vi. Nutritional components of your food choices

vii. Two references that support your choices included on the slide or in the speaker’s notes

5. Compare Menus (20 points/20%)


NR228 Nutrition, Health and Wellness

RUA: Nutritional Assessment (Team Project) Guidelines




NR228 RUA Nutritional Assessment V3.docx

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