Nursing practice problems Assignment 3 Nursing practice problems Assignment 3 Nursing practice problems are those problems generally encountered in nursing prac

Nursing practice problems Assignment 3

Nursing practice problems Assignment 3

Nursing practice problems are those problems generally encountered in nursing practice and those that deal with modalities of patient care such as support, comfort, prevention of trauma, promotion of recovery, health screening, appraisal and/or assessment, health education, and coordination of health care. An example of a nursing practice problem is mandatory overtime, due to a shortage of staff, nurses are mandated to do overtime. This has a negative outcome on patient care, fostering medical errors, and driving nurses away from the bedside. Medical practice problem deals with medical diseases or medical conditions. An example of medical practice problem is a diagnosis of congestive heart failure provides information about the patient’s pathology.

PICOT is a mnemonic used to describe the four elements of a good clinical foreground question: P= population/problem/patient, I=Intervention( this is what one consider doing for the patient either to prescribe a drug, order a test/surgery), C=comparism ( what is the alternative compared with the intervention, it could be deciding between two drugs/procedure/diagnostic test), O= outcome ( what one hope to accomplish) and T= Time describes the duration for your data collection. For example, In the past few years, your hospital has installed antibacterial foam dispensers on all the nursing units. You’ve had nurses asking you if the foam is just as effective as washing their hands with water and soap (“LibGuides: Forming focused questions with PICO: Choose a specialty,” 2021). P: hospital nurses, I: using antibacterial foam, C: handwashing with soap and water, O: decreased bacteria count.

A clinical question needs to be directly relevant to the patient or problem at hand and phrased in such a way as to facilitate the search for an answer. PICOT makes this process easier. PICOT is a helpful approach for summarizing research questions that explore the effect of therapy. It is an important part of a well-built clinical question. It also helps formulate the search strategy by identifying the key concepts that need to be in the article that can answer the question (“Evidence-based practice: PICO,” 2021).

using 200-300 APA format with reference to support the discussion


Describe the difference between a nursing practice problem and a medical practice problem. Provide one example of each. Discuss why is it important to ensure your PICOT is based on a nursing practice problem

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