Past due Sunday speech


The goals of an informative speech are to explain a specific subject and to help the audience retain the information for later use. This will be necessary at many different points in your life – education, career, parenting, etc. so this will be good practice for your future! This assignment has three parts:  Recording, Self-Critique, and Speaking Outline.

Step 1:  Record and Submit the Informative Speech

Using the informative speech outline created in Unit 3, incorporate the instructor and peer feedback to help create the speaking outline to use for the delivery of the informative speech. Then create a recording of yourself delivering the speech using recording software. Suggestions for recording software are found in the Read Me First Section in the course.

The informative speech should:

  • Include a 5-7 minute in length video recording.
  • Have good audio and video quality in the recording (You NEED to review your recording before submission to ensure good quality).
  • Have a minimum of 1 visual/presentation aid.
  • Address the following:
    • Follow the speech outline you created in Unit 3.
    • Include a minimum of 3 support references.
    • Provide verbal credit to the sources. Identify the references within the speech presentation when you share their content. For example: “According to…” 

Step 2:  Complete and Submit Self-Critique

Watch the video recording of your informative speech video to provide a self-critique of the content and delivery. Answer the following prompts as a form of self-critique in an MS Word Document:

  • What was your process to prepare your speech?
  • What challenges did you have when preparing your speech? How did you overcome them?
  • What challenges did you have recording your speech? How did you overcome them?
  • Do you recognize the following within your speech; please explain:
    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Conclusion
    • Supporting materials with verbal citations
  • What changes would you make to the speech?
  • Provide a critique of your presentation delivery – eye contact, vocal tone, and variation, presence, or lack of vocalized pauses and stumbles, etc.

Step 3: Submit Your Speaking Outline

You must submit the speaking outline you created for your delivery.

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