PC: Music – Live It Only has to be 1 page long

DUE DATE:  June 22

Visit and Learn about classical music: (5.5 points)Go to the following website to learn more about Classical Music: https://www.yourclassical.org/story/2013/10/15/what-is-classical-music

  • Examine what classical music is and how it differs from other genres.
  • Make notes about classical music and describe in detail what is stated on the website about classical music. DO NOT copy the information from the website. Put information in your own words before writing. (1.5 points)

After reading about classical music, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link:

Learning to Listen: Introduction to Musical Form


  • Read about the symphony and make notes.
  • Describe with detail what you learned.  DO NOT copy the information from the website. Put information in your own words before writing. (1.5 points)

Choose the KIDS tab located at the top of the page. Look at  Your Classical Music Lessons”: Explore each section under “Your Classical Music Lessons”. Find one section that you’d like to learn more about. Click on it. Read and watch the videos provided. Then, write about what you learn. DO NOT copy the information from the website/s. Write in your own words. Some things to think about:

  • Identify the section you chose to explore. (.5 points)
  • Give information about the section. Be detailed! (2 points)
    1. What is it?
    2. What does the section teach you?
    3. Why is it important to learn about this information?

Apply your musical experience. (4.5 points)).

  • Describe in detail how to include classical music in the classroom and how to connect it to academic content. In  other words, how will you use classical music for more than just “listening to”? What can you teach and learn from  it? Give a detailed example. NOTE: You may need to research for different ideas. (1.5 points)
  • List one TEK/Objective that you could use when teaching with classical music. (.5 points)
    1. Choose a children’s storybook that could be used to help include and teach about classical music in the classroom. Do not use a storybook that is already listed on the classical music website from above OR one that is the title story of the musical selection you chose. Include the author, title, and  s a picture of the cover of the storybook. How will you incorporate the storybook with a coordinating musical selection in your classroom? (1 point) 
    2. Choose a musical selection that goes along with the book. What content will you teach the children? How will you make connections between the musical selection and the storybook for the children? (1.5 points)

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