Pressure Ulcers and the Vulnerable Elderly Population DQ Pressure Ulcers and the Vulnerable Elderly Population DQ You Must fill out the Module Five Health Educa

Pressure Ulcers and the Vulnerable Elderly Population DQ

Pressure Ulcers and the Vulnerable Elderly Population DQ

You Must fill out the Module Five Health Education Activity ATTACHMENT using the following instructions below. Also using Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 attached below as reference.


This week, you should be wrapping up the evaluation and reflection stages of your health education activity. Submit your completed Planner and Log worksheet.

Review the Guideline and Rubric for this activity as long as the Planner and Log and Permission Letter. Remember: All planning work counts toward your eight hours!

In each section below, write one to two paragraphs, double-spaced. For full instructions, review the Module Five Health Education Activity Guidelines and Rubric document.

Process Step

Explanation/Student Response


Write a summary of your assessment of the community where the activity is being presented (one to two paragraphs).


Include a NANDA community nursing diagnosis (for example, “Insert diagnosis related to as evidenced by . . .”). Then, support your diagnosis and be sure to include evidence (one to two paragraphs).


Share two SMART goals here. Then, discuss your plan to achieve these two goals and how you will evaluate their achievement (one to two paragraphs).


Discuss the process of implementing your health education activity. You do not need to include the planning steps again, but discuss what you did and how you did it (one to two paragraphs).


Now that you have completed the educational activity, evaluate the achievement of your two SMART goals. Be specific and provide examples (one to two paragraphs).


Look back on all the steps you have completed so far (assessment through evaluation) and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your approach. Knowing what you know now, how could you improve future health education opportunities? (One to two paragraphs)

Instructions: Fill out the time log below for each activity you complete while working on your health education activity. This includes time spent on each step of the nursing process. You should plan to spend two hours assessing and diagnosing, three hours planning, and one hour each implementing, evaluating, and reflecting. Your log likely won’t be broken down into such neat pieces, but we strongly encourage you to record the time as you complete it. If you spend 1.5 hours planning one night, and then another 1.5 hours planning another night, please record them separately.

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