Pros and cons to having a nation-wide or state-wide policy Pros and cons to having a nation-wide or state-wide policy Watch this video (above). It discusses re

Pros and cons to having a nation-wide or state-wide policy

Pros and cons to having a nation-wide or state-wide policy

Watch this video (above). It discusses relationships between biodiversity, ecological change over time (succession), and stability. And, it highlights thIts a discussion so doesn’t have to be essay formate Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (IDH).

This article (Links to an external site.) also addresses the importance of disturbance ecology. It is focused on how the theory of ecological disturbance is applied to real-world environmental situations.

After watching and reading, consider these guiding questions when forming your responses for this class discussion, or come up with your own talking points (remember, you do not need to answer every question):

How did the results of the pond experiment relate to the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis and what might the results suggest about disturbance and biodiversity in freshwater ecosystems?

What are pros and cons to having a nation-wide or state-wide policy for wildlife management, despite there being different types of ecosystems across the country and even across states?

How does studying disturbance ecology benefit human society and biodiversity?

Can you relate what you have learned about disturbance ecology to any current events, like, say, the California wildfires of 2020?

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