Select all of the individual   shapes in the SmartArt graphic. Change the shapes to Frame in the Basic   Shapes group



Project Description:

As a nursing student you often need to put together presentations on various health related topics for your courses. You have been asked to prepare a presentation on understanding the warning signs of a heart attack and risk factors for heart disease.


Start PowerPoint. Download and   open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch03_ML2_Heart.pptx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. 


On Slide 3 insert a Basic Block   List SmartArt graphic. Type the following list items into the Text pane:
Family   history of heart disease
High   blood pressure
Overweight   or obese
Lack   of exercise
Use   of tobacco products
Diabetes   or other diseases
For   women, use of birth control pills


Select all of the individual   shapes in the SmartArt graphic. Change the shapes to Frame in the Basic   Shapes group. Click Larger in the Shapes group three times to increase the   size of the shape borders. Change the font color to Black, Text 1 for all   shapes. Change the width to 3.8" for all shapes.


Start Excel. Open HeartData.xlsx and copy the clustered   column chart. On Slide 4, paste the chart using Paste Special as an embedded   object.



Change the width of the embedded   chart to 9.1". Change the horizontal position to 1.3" and the vertical position   to 1.9".


On Slide 6, insert a two column,   seven row table in the content placeholder. Type the following information   into the table:
  Row 1: Col 1: Men; Col 2: Women
  Row 2: Col 1: Chest pain/discomfort; Col 2: Chest pressure
  Row 3: Col 1: Rapid or irregular heartbeat; Col 2: Fatigue for   several days
  Row 4: Col 1: Dizzy or light-headed; Col 2: Anxiety and sleep disturbances
  Row 5: Col 1: Cold sweat; Col 2: Back, neck, arm, or jaw pain
  Row 6: Col 1: Stomach discomfort/indigestion; Col 2: Nausea
  Row 7: Col 1: Shortness of breath; Col 2: Shortness of breath


Insert a column to the right of   the first column in the table. Merge the cells in rows 2–7 of the new column.


Make the following changes to   the table:
  • Apply the Light Style 2 table style.
  • Change the height of the table to 4.5"
  • Change the alignment for all cells in the table to Center Vertically.


Insert the Heart.jpg image into the merged column as a background image.


Save and close Exp19_PPT_Ch03_ML2_Heart.pptx. Submit   the file as directed.

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