State your opinion on a current topic.  This should be 1 to 2 sentences.  Examples of claims are below: The Electoral College i



Overview:  Integrating evidence into academic writing is a skill central to success in college.  Integrating evidence requires the statement of a claim, information from a scholarly source to support this claim, and an explanation as to how the claim and evidence are connected.  This exercise is a practice in integrating evidence. When you respond to your classmate, comment on how they connect claims and evidence.


Discussion Prompt:

1.     MAKE A CLAIM.  State your opinion on a current topic.  This should be 1 to 2 sentences.  Examples of claims are below:

  • The Electoral College is an outdated method of deciding elections.
  • The Electoral College is a necessary part of the election process as it aids in ensuring all have an equal voice.
  • Education in Oklahoma is falling behind because teachers are underpaid.
  • Education in Oklahoma is strong because of the growth of charter schools.
  • Playing video games improves eyesight and reflexes.
  • Playing video games can lead to violence in children.
  • Social media helps people stay more connected to their friends and family.
  • Social media leads to depression as everyone only depicts their best self.

2.     INTEGRAT EVIDENCE.  Use EBSCO Host from the OCCC Library website to find a scholarly source that supports your claim.  In 2 to 3 sentences, paraphrase or summarize the information contained in this source.  Be sure to cite the sentences using the author and, if appropriate, page number per MLA conventions.  You will also include the full citation for the source at the end of the discussion post.

Citations within the writing allow the reader to know when you are drawing on the work of others.  The full citation at the end of the writing allows the reader the information required to find the source and read it should they wish to do so.

For this activity, you are practicing paraphrasing.  Paraphrasing is a summary of another work written in your own words.  While the use of quotes from other works is necessary at times, it is often preferred that writers paraphrase the work of others more often than quoting.  Paraphrasing allows the reader to hear your interpretation of the source, rather than only directly from another author. Example (a follow up to the final claim in the list above):

  • Research on depression found that those who engage in activity on social media for at least 2 hours each day have a higher likelihood of experiencing feelings of sadness.  Further, the study findings indicate that Instagram users were less likely than Twitter users to experience depression (Burke 39). 

3.     CONNECT OR ANALYZE.  Write 2 to 3 sentences that explain how the information contained in the source connects to the claim.  This is an opportunity to provide a deeper analysis of the issue.  Example:

  • While the use of social media is a convenient way to maintain contact with friends and family, there can also be drawbacks.  Depression is a real issue with clear connections to social media use.  This research explains that limiting social media use may reduce symptoms of depression. 

4.     REFLECT.  In 3 to 4 sentences, reflect on this exercise.  What part was the most challenging?  Is integrating evidence new to you?  What other information or instruction would you like to receive to help you continue to improve your evidence integration skills?

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