Typed clinical vignettes depicting mental disorders Typed clinical vignettes depicting mental disorders Create five (5) typed clinical vignettes depicting menta

Typed clinical vignettes depicting mental disorders

Typed clinical vignettes depicting mental disorders

Create five (5) typed clinical vignettes depicting mental disorders (Schizophrenia). Each vignette should identify the gender, age, culture, and symptoms associated with the diagnosis( Schizophrenia) . Each vignette will be graded on

a) DSM 5 criteria

b) coding

c) spelling/grammar

d) discussion of medical concerns

e) client identifying information.

Please see the Psychopathology Case Vignette Rubric attached.


John is a 19 years old male college student who was escorted to the emergency room by his roommate because he has confined himself to his room for the last 14 days. He reports to be hearing voices that are instructing him to remain within the confines of his bedroom and to refrain from eating or drinking because anything he would ingest was poisonous. John haslost more than 5% of his weight in less than 2weeks and presents asthin, frail, and irritable. He reports to sleep most of the day and wakes tired and depressed. His roommate reports that last year, he presented as the “life of the party” and often appeared to have a passion for life. He was extremely energetic despite sleeping very little, extremely social, and was known to be promiscuous on campus. John denies any illicit substance use and alcohol. John was medically cleared by his primary care physician.



Hi, the book isDCM5, you can have access to it www.Pychiatry.otg.

Here is a example with other diagnostic but you can follow the rubric attached:

Ms. Rodriguez, is a 38-year-old white, Hispanic, divorced woman, and mother of 3, who currently teaches science at a Middle School with a history of severe asthma, arrived at the emergency room with a 2 week-long complaint of sudden movements which began in her right shoulder and then spread down to her right arm and leg. Ms. Rodriguez stated that during and after the episodes she was completely conscious, which lasted two minutes, she also mentioned that she is unable to walk properly because of those movements. During the interview, Ms. Rodriguez stated that the episodes sometimes were followed by five to ten seconds of nauseas and respiratory issues. Her mother, who took her to the Hospital was very concerned because her daughter might be is developing a serious disease. Despite the symptoms, Ms. Rodriguez did not show any other sign of excessive preoccupation, and denied any important psychological history, except for a few sessions of counseling after her youngest sister’s died in a car accident, three years ago, exactly two days before the symptoms appeared. When Ms. Rodriguez symptoms started, her oldest sister moved in with her. In addition, all her physical and neurological examinations, including head imaging, and electroencephalogram (EEG), as well as laboratory studies, resulted in normal ranges.Diagnose(s): F44.4 Conversion Disorder with Abnormal Movement, Acute Episodes, with Psychological Stressor (family member’s death)


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