Use of professional portfolios in nursing Essay Use of professional portfolios in nursing Essay 1. In Week 1, you began preparing for your practicum as an avenu

Use of professional portfolios in nursing Essay

Use of professional portfolios in nursing Essay

1. In Week 1, you began preparing for your practicum as an avenue for professional growth and development. This week, you finalize your professional development objectives and submit your Professional Experience Plan.

As part of your practicum, you will also develop and implement a Practicum Project. Your project will address an authentic problem, situation, issue, or potential area for improvement that is significant to your practicum setting. It is your chance to apply and analyze evidence-based change within a healthcare organization. This week, you consult with your practicum Faculty Member and Preceptor to identify a focus for your project.

Additionally, you begin to compile your Professional Portfolio, due in Week 10, which represents your academic and professional growth as a nurse executive. This week, you examine the guidelines for this Portfolio.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

· Construct measurable professional development objectives to be accomplished during the practicum experience

· Organize practicum hours and experiences to meet professional development objectives.

Learning Resources

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Document: Professional Experience Plan Template Plan (Word document).

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Document: Practicum Project Plan Overview (PDF).

Required Media

The Importance of Professionalism & Communication

What does it mean to exhibit professional behavior and appearance in the practicum Setting? Drs. Lynn Parsons and Jeanne Morrison provide tips for respecting the health care site’s culture through appropriate dress, mindset, and communication, (5m). Use of professional portfolios in nursing Essay

The transcript

Female Speaker: I always tell students that when they’re out in the practicum setting, they may be looking for their future job. But those professionals that they’re working with are also looking at them. It’s very important to know what the culture is of the organization, especially if you’re going into the organization for the first time. So, the relationship between you and your preceptor is extremely important. Ask your preceptors what are the accepted practices in this organization? Know what the dress code policy is. If you’re working in mental health, it might be off-putting to wear a lab coat, whereas if you’re working with a nurse exec in the operating room setting, you might be expected to wear scrubs.

Female Speaker: We’ve always heard it’s a cliché-dress for success. But that is so important. You are a guest at the facility, and they’re going to be looking at you.

Female Speaker: It’s always in good taste not to wear loud makeup and big jewelry. Know what the policy is for piercings and nail polish. That shows respect of the organization and understanding their culture and ways of doing things.

Female Speaker: When you go into that site, you are a guest in that facility. Your behaviors and what you do in that facility in a reflection on not only on you. But on Walden. When you tell somebody, you’re going to be there, be there on time. When you’re not going to be there, let them know as well. Think of it as a job. Many of you may not even know the people at the site. Some of you , it’s your place that you work, but you’re on a different unit.

So everything you do is a reflection on you and possibly may affect even how you get employment if you are wanting employment in that facility. Be respectful. Remember, these people don’t know you. So when they ask you do something, work it out and help them out. Also, be motivated. Look for experiences that will help you achieve your objectives.

Female Speaker: Early in the course, there will be a call conference between the students, the preceptor, and the professor. And the main purpose of this call is to refine what your project focus will be. So when you’re on the call is to refine what your project focus will be. So when you’re on the call, know in advance what you want to do.

Because after that call is done, you’ll have approval to move forward on your project. And you don’t want to waste time saying, oh, I have three ideas. Come to the table with what you really want your idea to be. Already have a conversation with your preceptor so when the calls is over, you’ll know what you’re doing.

Female speaker: To talk about what it’s like to be a student at Walden, what you’re going to be learning in the practicum experience. Many of your preceptors have never taken an online course or even taught in an online course, So we must want to make sure they understand the process. During the practicum experience, communication is so valuable between the preceptor, the student, and the faculty member.

Female Speaker: The instructor has established office hours, know what those office hours are and follow them. Also, share those hours with your preceptor along with your professor’s contact information.

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