Women experience more stress than men Women experience more stress than men I do believe that women experience more stress than men, but that does not mean men

Women experience more stress than men

Women experience more stress than men

I do believe that women experience more stress than men, but that does not mean men suffer as well. If we put the focus on women, then yes, they do suffer more because they can fall into poverty, face abuse, and live with society’s idea of “perfection.” As stated by Grabmeier, he says that “housewives are economically dependent on their husbands.” This puts women at risk for poverty because housewives are not making an income. They stay home and care for the children, if any. The husband is the primary source of income that the entire family depends on. What if the husband and wife divorce? How will the wife survive without the money from her husband? She would have to depend on her family or find herself a job to sustain herself. Women also tend to face abuse because they are seen as inferior to men, by men. With this, abusive men feel as if they can tell their wife what to do. This can be seen as the man being stronger because he wants to be in control. Society has convinced men that they are at the top; if once threatened, a man would want to fight back to maintain that high position over women. Women also face ideals of physical perfection because society has romanticized the “perfect” type of woman. They are either too skinny and need to eat more or too fat and should lose weight. Women also cannot wear makeup in peace because if a woman were to wear a full face of makeup, they would be seen as unnatural. If a woman went bare face, they would be mistaken as “sad” or “tired.” Women are constantly pressured by societal standards, but society never seems to accept them whether they follow those standards or not.

I think that if we were to claim that men suffer more than women, it would be because men have not accepted the fact that they are not always the one in the control. Society has implanted the idea of being the powerful sex in the male agenda because throughout time, men have been the one hunting food or taking the jobs and high positions. As we go into modern times, women have decided to break out of their confined stereotypes and try to get on the same level as men who have been at this level this entire time. It is about equality and men get intimidated by it. Faludi says that “not that traditional male roles are endangered, but that men themselves are in danger of not acting” upon the roles that have been ingrained in their head ever since they were children. In a debate whether men or women suffer more, I believe it can go both ways. It would be more typical for a person to say that women suffer more because they have gone through more changes than men and still struggle to get on the same playing field. However, men suffer as well because even though it has not been put to much thought as it should, they are closed off to the idea of women wanting to be equal and not inferior.

Stereotypes should not determine who suffers more. There are reasons that are related to stereotypes that provide proof to who suffers more, but in the end, it should not come to that because they are just assumptions accepted by society. A female stereotype that harms men is that females are more open to expressing emotions. This is harmful to males because it is claimed that men do not or are supposed to show emotions because they would be seen as weak or too “feminine”. Not expressing emotions hurts one’s mental state and forces them to bottle up emotions, which is not healthy in the long run. It is also a form of toxic masculinity to claim that hiding feelings is feminine because it poses an attack on women. There is nothing wrong or too women-like to express emotions. A male stereotype that is harmful to women is that men are supposed to take on the high job positions and be the leader or “head” of the house. This stereotype labels women, who do take on CEO jobs or are the head of the family, as being an arrogant, cocky person. Why should a woman in power be seen as a threat, but a man in power is seen as a leader? The double standards in these stereotypes is harmful to either sex and should not be used to label one gender and dehumanize another. Women experience more stress than men

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